the cairene experience

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Village Attitude

Scene 1: The Village of Cairo
A car stops in the middle of the street, with a queue of cars behind blowing their horn in vain. The driver waves to a porter who is sitting on a wooden half broken couch in front of a building sipping his tea with his fellow porter from the building next door

The driver yelling from his car : salamo 3aleko ya 7ag
The porter still sitting on his couch: we3lakom el salam we ra7met el lah we barakatoh
The driver still yelling from his car: Share3 Abed El Hamid Bayomi
The porter stands up and approaches the car half way: 3ayez eih belzabet henak
The driver yelling less: nemra 51
The porter approaches more : 3ayiez mien henak
The driver : ma7ael malbes
The porter : alakek fien belzabet
The driver looks to his paper : ganeb aghzakhana
The porter : la’a da mosh henna khales, da afel el ma7al dah mien fatra .. bas fie ma3ael tani henak .. enta lazem telef we terga3 tani .. takhoed awel yemin fie tani shemal ….. blabla bla

The cars still blowing their horns and I can’t help it but hear Salah Jahin ‘s El Liela El Kebier in my ears where the aragoes explains to the 3omeda how to get to a place “we tekhoesh mien matra7 matle3et we lama teilaa ma2let lieb te3raef enak tohet we die3t”

Scene 2: Any village

A man on a donkey, stops and gets off his donkey. The man waves to another farmer whose sitting in the field on the ground sipping his tea with his fellow farmer.

The man on the donkey yelling: salamo 3aleko ya 7ag
The framer still sitting on the ground: we3lakom el salem we ra7met el lah we barkaeto ..etfadel
The man on the donkey approaches the 2 farmers: yezied fadlak … ana mosh men el nawa7iedy we ased biet Abo Ahmed el Melegy
The framers on the ground : da haeg howa we game3to mien modeh .. bieo2lo ra7 Masr … bas momken teasal 3alieh fi biet nasaibou ganb el ter3eh ……. Blabla bla

The scenes are many in Cairo streets and they are almost the same situations in the "village of cairo" as in any village, and same people if you come to think about it … the only difference is the setup and the props …. it’s all about expectations