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Thursday, July 06, 2006

On how to live a stress free life in Cairo…
*Give away your watch or wear it for a different purpose other than knowing the time. You can always use the sun or prayer times like “al 3aseria” or “al maghrebia” or simply “ba3ed el doher”, to give someone an appointment
*Be friendly and expect anyone to pass by or call you at anytime of the day. It must be important or that he just felt like seeing you
*Never refuse to give someone your mobile number or even worse not to answer if he/ she calls or even switch off your mobile. That’s considered rude!
*No need to wake up early in the morning as you will accomplish nothing anyways and also nobody wakes up early unless they have an exam or catching a flight or bus and of course milk sellers, “ baya3ien el laban”
*Always understand other people’s personal misfortunes like the death of “merat 3am abouia” or “gedet bent khali”. That applies also to business transactions
*You have to believe that “el rezk byed el lah”, therefore don’t bother to do your best in anything because in any case “ma7edesh bienam men ghier 3asha” and “rabenna byorsok el nemala fi baten el gabal”
*Don’t try to prefect anything or try to do anything right because “el kamal lelah wa7doh” and no matter what you do it will still not look perfect
*Don’t be anal and pay attention to details, what’s the difference a box will always be a box , a carpet will always be a carpet and so on
*The most important thing in life is food. If you can afford to eat well and feed your family, you are a responsible human being “we 3adak el 3ieb”
*Care about your neighbors or even about any passer by, by knowing where they are going, who they are seeing and even how much they are spending
*Never admit that you’re wrong nor accuse anyone of being wrong that’s against the law! Also never say that you don’t know, that’s makes you a less human being
*Unlike anything you have learnt in geometry or algebra the shortest way to any place is a circle and not a straight line. So don’t even bother to make a line infront of a cashier or drive in the same lane. Also note that you would be considered anal and sometimes stupid if you insist on doing that
*Always blame the government, they are not doing their job and most importantly they don’t care about what you say so why not blame them, at least you vent!
*Don’t try to make sense of anything that anyone tells you or even of what you tell yourself. Sometimes things are supposed to be that way and its “7aram” to question them
*And most importantly ... don’t exert yourself doing anything useful in this life. It’s enough to victimize yourself and that will pave your way straight to heaven after your death.

Have a nice, long life and may allah be with us J


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Blogger Mumbo Jumbo said...

Reading your blog (with the exclusion of the French part.. ahem...), I felt like I was reading something I would've written!! :)

Sounds just like me wondering what the hell people are thinking!

Don't stop blogging!

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